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Welcome to Oceanic Yachts...

In today's high pressure world it's not surprising that people seek new ways to relax, by finding adventure, foreign travel or simply being pampered.

Higher levels of disposable income coupled with the availability of more adventurous leisure activities and the desire to reduce stress means many of us are now able to enjoy more unusual activities such as flying lessons, parachuting and driving experiences.

However, whilst many of these activities are provided locally there is one adventure missing, which is to enjoy the luxury yacht experience as either Captain/Crew or as a guest, entertaining business associates, dining with family or friends or taking a river or coastal cruise... that is until now with the advent of Oceanic Yachts based at Royal Quay's Marina.

Oceanic Yachts provides charter and sea school activities and is associated with Royale Oceanic, one of the North East's best kept secrets. Royale Oceanic is a world leading specialist in luxury yacht design, construction and management for some of the world's most prestigious clients, Royal families, celebrities and high net worth individuals.

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